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We began our journey in 2017 as a Local Facebook group dedicated to local Bully Breeds.  

We had the vision to grow into a Non-Profit and become PACFA certified so that we could assist with fostering and adoptions.

We accomplished this vision in 2020!


We advocate for spay, neuter, the importance of proper training and being  the best Bully Breed Ambassadors our town has seen.

We have seen the community rally around us and support our cause through local events, donations, volunteers, fosters and adopters. 

TMBBC’s long term vision is to provide a unique space that brings together the community and the Bully Breeds we love.  A one stop shop for education, training, fun exercise and community events; while providing sanctuary for young adults aging out of foster care, Veterans, and the Bully’s they prepare for their forever homes.

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